Cho-La Pass, Mt. Everest, Kala Pattar, Lukla…

Descending from Cho-La Pass

Descending from Cho-La Pass

To connect the Gokyo and Everest valleys, we crossed Cho-la pass, at a heady 5370 meters or 17,600 feet. The walking and route was a well travelled highway of a trail, making the way easy to find. Cho-la was fantastic although I had a bit of a meltdown out the gate…

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I twisted my knee while still in view of the guesthouse as we hiked towards the pass and was having trouble putting weight on it. The folks I was with suggested going back, therefor not getting to Everest base camp. I was absolutely distraught. Two weeks of hiking, just to turn back before getting to the base of Everest? Yet if I went forward and my knee went out entirely, I could be putting myself and my friends in an uncomfortable position of having to get me down. So I decided to go slowly and thankfully my knee mostly cooperated. I fully enjoyed Kala Patar- the viewpoint for Everest- although I didn’t stay at the top for sunset due to some uh, unfortunate stomach matters. Haha. I lost a lot of weight on this hike, mainly just from an ongoing bad stomach. Hiking down was a bummer, I felt it would have been easy to just stay and carry on, see the other passes in the area, Ama Dablam base camp, etc. I fully resented being on a schedule at this point and would never entertain hiking in Nepal on a schedule again. With a friend, we had hired a guide, who we found to be completely inflexible. I thank him for really opening my eyes to Nepali culture, language, and customs, which was the reason for hiring him rather than for the actual trek. I would never have become so at home in Nepal so quickly without his patient explanations of everything, barring the often frustrating language barriers. His help with the Nepali language was a total game chager for my later experiences in Nepali, and was really great as I picked up a bit of Hindi laer in India! We got stuck in the clouds for an extra day in Lukla waiting for our flight to leave.   Got really lucky as we got out the second day on the last flight of the day due to cloud cover. Returned to Kathmandu for another round of incense, dust, and nose blowing, we splurged on mexican, pizza, fresh salads, beer, ice cream, fruit smoothies, and haha, more mexican and pizza and beer. I also snuck in a great trip to Bodnath stupa with a friend. At this point I took off for Pokhara alone, hoping to find a trekking partner for the Annapurnas.

Crossing Cho-La Pas

Crossing Cho-La Pas

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