A “Jane-of-all-trades”, Haley has the travel bug and spends her time flip-flopping between traveling and saving her money for the next trip. Trusty camera in hand, she has a lot of fun playing outside and seeing the world.
Nepal Everest Hike-9522

3 Responses to About

  1. Angela says:

    Haley, Love the post of PDX. Next time you will have to stay longer and we will hang on the boat. Anytime of year…. Love you and wish you were just a couple of doors down. Love from Nick. Love you, Vitamin Fairy. A.

  2. Jean Alaba says:

    Hi Haley, I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. You take such meaningful photos and I would love to learn more from your style. I am especially interested in portrait photography because I feel people’s faces, when beautifully captured, offer a myriad of precious stories to tell.

    Looking forward to more of your journeys.

    Have followed your blog for more travel and photography inspirations. Cheers!

    • buffwoman says:

      Thanks Jean!!!
      I think you’re right! When we look at people’s faces we see such wonderful stories!
      All the best and thanks for following!!!
      Happy adventuring!

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